Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer Love- Eurotrashing My Beloved Westerns

Consider this less a blog posting than a public service message- avoid Summer Love.  Billed as the first Polish Western, this is a meandering piece of wishful artsy garbage that makes The Last Rights of Ransom Pride look Oscar worthy.  The movie supposedly stars Val Kilmer, who is dead in the first scene of the movie.  Not dies in the first scene, but dead in the first and each scene in which he appears.  The film is an endless string of overly violent shots and odd accents.  One rare bright spot were the scenes with the beautifully rubenesque Katarzyna Figura.  She is the only actress with a speaking role in the movie, and she plays the town prostitute.  Of course, what else could a woman be?  Good Lord, Poland, stay out of the western and stick with the Witcher!

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