Saturday, January 12, 2013

Short Ride to the Sunset

As I’ve said before I’ve slowed down my writing here quite significantly.  I have taken to a few other projects in life, which I am have recently started writing about at another blog.  I’m sure that I’ll find my way back to Slap Bookleather periodically, if only to finish my story about my D&D cowboy.  If you enjoy the writing here please give The Yogi Gamer a try.  Vaya con dios, Namaste, etc, etc, etc.  

By the way, finally gave up on All-Star Western.    

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Calendar Troubles

As astute readers may have noticed by now I am a fan of pirates as well as westerns.  For several years now I have purchased the Hot Pirate Babes calendar from photographer Tiger Lee as my at home (ie to dirty to have a work) calendar.  His calendar is full of pinups of women in pirate costumes with great Photoshopped backgrounds, with plenty of interesting pirate facts to keep me entertained throughout the year.  Alas, Mr. Lee announced recently that due to an increase in work he would not be able to put out a calendar for 2013.

Left to find cheesy entertainment outside of pirate land, I looked for an appropriately western themed calendar.  The best that I could do is a “Farmer’s Daughters” calendar by Johnny Crosslin, with images that look like this…

Sadly, this may be too porny for even this cowpoke to hang on the back room wall.