Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick Shots- Bikini Roundup

Like a little soft core porn in your westerns?  Give Bikini Roundup a shot.  There is a plot, although not much of one, about two girls that inherit a haunted ranch, and the rich neighbor who wants to run them off the land.  There are lots of good looking people, and two of the three female leads even have real breasts, which is a rare treat in late night Skinemax.  The real reason to watch this if you are a western fan with a bit of a pervy side (and if you are reading this blog there is a good indication that you are) would be the scenes with rodeo rider and former American Gladiatrix Belinda Gavin as Calamity Kate, the sexy ghost haunting the ranch.  She spends the entire film in a leather bra, chaps, g-string, and a cowboy hat.  When the final showdown comes at the end of the movie and he camera pans behind her for the quickdraw, it is quite a sight.  Bikini Roundup plays periodically on Showtime and is worth a late-night watch for a couple laughs and a nice visual treat.

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