Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bikinis and Cowboy Hats

For years I’ve been seeing cheesecake shots of well shaped women wearing bikinis and cowboy hats.  It’s a strange combination, one that I never quite understood.  I like bikinis.  I like girls in cowboy hats.  Why didn’t the two go together?  I just didn’t understand.

Then I spent a day on a tropical beach, one that was nearly deserted because getting there required a mile long hike through a jungle.  Next to me, under a palm tree, her head propped up on her CamelBak, lay Mrs. Slap in a straw cowboy hat and a black bikini.  Trust, dear reader, that I am now a believer.

Image copyright Mrs. Slap Leather.  Don't even think about using it.


  1. You did not lie; there is considerably less testicle in this post.

    I am also rather jealous of this beach. Is this Caribbean or what?

  2. St. John, US Virgin Islands. First Caribbean vacation. Well worth it.

  3. Nearly 200 views to this post. I wonder if I should tell Mrs. Slap?

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