Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rawhide Kid?!?: The Covers

One of my favorite western comic book characters has been and will likely continue to be The Rawhide Kid.  There have been a lot of incarnations of the Kid, including the original lonely wandering cowpoke, the hardened gunhand, and the latest version (and my personal favorite), an erudite, sophisticated, arrogant, and narcissistic paladin of the plains.   This last version has caught some attention of the media, mostly because he is also homosexual.  The Kid came out way back in 2003, two years ahead of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist of Brokeback fame. 

Really?  Should we be shocked?  A sample of covers from the Kid’s earlier adventures shows him often in compromising positions with a wide range of, ahem, cowpokes.  Methinks the Kid rode his own path from the start. 

Regardless, The Rawhide Kid remains among my favorite comic books, period, and I hope to speak his praises more in future posts.


  1. Gay cowboys. Whatever next? Seriously glad I found this blog. Will be following each new post.