Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lucha Libra Gunslingers: The Art of Rafael Gallur (Randy Cowpoke edition)

A few days ago, while working on the blog about vaqueros, I was looking for some appropriate artwork that would show the stylistic difference between cowboys American and Mexican.  In doing so I stumbled across a Mexican comics artist named Rafael Gallur.  I had never heard of him before, but he has some pretty great artwork.  His western pieces are a nice mix of traditional comics art and western themes with a bit of lucha libra style (lucha libra is a Mexican blend of professional wrestling and superheroes).  For the next few days I’ll show off some of his work, grouped in a way that makes vague sense to me.  Today’s edition- randy cowpokes!

If anyone knows what else Mr. Gallur has worked on, please let me know.  If anyone can get him a job, please use his talents!


  1. Very nice and hot stuff! They would make great book covers.

  2. Wild and raunchy. What's not to like?

    Jim Cornelius

  3. I'd buy the books. Really like the one with the cowboy and lady in the stream.

  4. Well, I just got a bunch in the mail. He does covers for a series of western comics out of Mexico. Time to try out my rusty Spanish and write some reviews.