Friday, April 22, 2011

Badass of the Week

About five years ago I was in the middle of a brief obsession with Doc Holliday (really, though, can you blame me?) and while trolling the interwebs for obscure facts on Doc I found a profile of him on a web site called Badass of the Week.  Although Badass of the Week was not quite a year old at this point, the author was well on his way to crafting a writing style combining half-baked historical ideas, D&D and Star Wars references, and overwhelming profanity into weekly genius.  Every Friday, the site puts up another crazy biography of someone overwhelmingly badass man, woman, animal, Greek god, or machinery that makes your man parts hurt (even if you don’t have man parts).  For example:

“Here's an example of why you didn't fuck with Doc if you knew what was good for you.  At one point during his colorful career, Holliday owned and operated a saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  One of the babes that worked there had a crazy ex-boyfriend who had just been discharged from the Army, and this guy wanted her to stop working as a Hooters Girl and getting ogled by a bunch of middle-aged perverts.  When she told him to go violent hump a chainsaw, he got pissed, went outside the saloon, and started shooting out this windows with his pistol.  Doc didn’t even fucking flinch.  He calmly put down the beer mug he was polishing, drew his Colt Peacemaker revolver, sauntered outside, and dropped the punk with one shot.  Then he probably went off and slept with the dead guy’s ex-girlfriend just to be a dick.”

Over the years Badass of the Week has profiled a number of mountain men, road agents, Indian fighters, and Indian fighter fighters, include Cherokee Bill, Geronimo, Liver Eating Johnston, Josey Wales, Osceola, William Barret Travis, Pancho Villa, Andrew Jackson, Captain Jonathon Davis, Crazyhorse, Hugh Glass, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Honey Badger(ok, the last one has nothing to do with westerns but really is the best thing on the interwebs).

Even better, it seems that a group of fans in lockup told the writer to stop being such a wuss and do more Old West entries.  Awesome.  Check it out every week!

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