Friday, July 1, 2011

Cowboy Dreams- If a Cowboy is a Crossdresser, is he a Cowgurl?

After my disappointing experience with John Locke’s supposedly best selling westerns, I decided to look for the most self-consciously trashy western ebook that I could find.  The Barnes & Noble Nook library has possibly thousands of quickly turned out cowboy stories that involve a variety of sexual arithmetic like m/f, m/m/f, and what I imagine is the highly prized m/m/m/f.  They all tend to blend together, and my search for something outstandingly trashy looked to be a loss, when I came across math that I hadn’t seen before- m/m/m.  I took another look at the cover of this ebook, Cowboy Dreams by Stormy Glenn, and saw what is on the cover of all of them, namely two bare chested cowboys and a half naked woman.  Then it started to click in my noggin, and I electronically laid down my $3.19 for this book.

Cowboy Dreams, you see, is not your typical cowboy ménage story.  It starts out as most others do, with two lifemate cowboys riding the range and coming across a scantily clad damsel in distress.  In this case the two are not hetero lifemates, but pards in the bed as well, and the damsel in frillies turns out to be a delicately featured young man.  Avery, soon to be called Ava, is on the run from an abusive past, and takes up with Boone and Jeb, two cowboys who have settled down in a town that is somehow open to homosexuality, polyamory, and crossdressing.  Boone and Jeb help Avery hide by disguising him as their shared wife, and in time get down to getting down.

When the three finally get together, I assumed that there would be a lot of complex anatomical geometry and references to undergarments, boots, and cowboy hats.  Instead there was lots of getting inside the characters heads about how they felt about one another and where their relationship is going.  Clearly this was written Venus, not Mars.

The book is decently written and moves along fast.  It should go fast, since it only came out to around 50 pages of text on my reader, which at $3.19 is really a rip off.  Stormy Glenn has put out north of 75 books and ebooks, so people clearly do like reading her stuff.  Alas, as a guy married to a woman, this was probably not a great choice for me.  To read something so unashamedly trashy without the claim to literature of John Locke, however, cured me of my reading malaise.  Now it’s time to hit the bookshelves and come up with something completely different…

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