Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There Is So Much Wrong with All-Star Western 21

As I have recently begun to recall my fondness for westerns I took a chance and picked up a copy of All-Star Western.  I have glanced at it occasionally in the last few months, enough to see that the story had truly moved West (yay!) while also including Booster Gold from mainstream DC (weird).  I picked up All-Star Western 21, hoping to see a return to the old days of the Jonah Hex comic, even if men in tights occasionally strolled through.  I read through and found myself asking one simple question…


It starts off fine, with a gun fight and a chase in the desert, but soon enough the whole story gets transported to something that appears to be modern day Gotham City.  Not only that, Hex ends up in a throwdown with Batwing (whoever the fuck that is) and thrown in Arkham Asylum.  All-Star Western remains firmly entrenched in the Batman family of comics, but now not only does it not take place in the West, it doesn’t even take place in the 19th century.

You want Jonah Hex to time travel?  Fine, do that.  It worked great in the 16 issue run of Hex, where Jonah briefly went to a Mad Max future and became a badass biker.  But no one had the balls to call that comic a Western.  Fuck, DC, what are you doing?

My preferred style of time traveler Jonah Hex.
One good note- cameo of the Mutants from Dark Knight Returns.  Those fuckers are always fun.

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