Monday, July 22, 2013

Johnny Yuma, Black Widow, and the Allure of a Nice Backside

When The Avengers came out last year there was a great political cartoon calling attention to Scarlett Johansson’s role in the movie, or more appropriately the role that her posterior played in the movie.  Joss Whedon may be a feminist 99% of the time, but he sure did spend an extraordinary amount of camera time of the Black Widow’s backside.  It’s even featured prominently on the poster.  Artist Kevin Bolk speculated what the poster would look like if the gender roles were reversed (see below).

Pretty funny, and as a comic reader I am very familiar with super heroines bending into odd positions with less than fully covered rear ends.  I was not familiar, however, with the same pose happening with ex-Confederates.  Once upon a time Johnny Yuma, Rebel was advertised in a similar pose.  Perhaps in the late ‘50s / early ’60 rebel ass was advertising gold.

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