Sunday, November 17, 2013

La Ley del Revolver- Like Louis L’Amour, but with Nudity & Evisceration

So I finally figured out where Rafael Gallur publishes his fantastic western art- Mexican comic books, like La Ley del Revolver.  While western comics are few and far between here in the US, they are apparently all the rage south of the border.  

The art is simple, and that’s a good thing.  It’s like Mexico somehow skipped the Jack Kirby "everything is kinetic and crazy" movement, and then skipped the Joss Whedon decompressed comics movement that followed.  They just kept on drawing as if they were doing comic strips.  And while I love the changes and experiments in comics art that take place here in the US, I keep reading these little books and thinking, “huh, these are just fun.” 

Fun, that is, if your definition of fun involves constant sex and Tarantino-levels of violence.  The first fight scene I read involved one cowboy fighting off three bounty hunters.  He cut one’s head off with a bowie knife, threw the knife through a second’s chest, then set the third on fire before smashing his head to pieces on a rock. 

La Ley del Revolver sure isn’t going to win and Eisner or a Spur award any time soon, but they are a fun read, like sinking into a Louis L’Amour novel (if his characters were frequently naked and eviscerated).  

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