Monday, November 18, 2013

Ande Parks Explains Why the Lone Ranger Comic Fails

Take a look at the following Q&A from a recent interview with Lone Ranger comics scribe, Ande Parks…

NANCY COLLINS: What do you think today’s comic fan is looking for from a character like the Lone Ranger?

ANDE PARKS: They want to see the man’s values on display. They want to see that pillar of justice. They want the interplay between Lone Ranger and Tonto. They want action, but not without some meaning. I think, in the case of our book, they also want a sense for what the real Old West was like. I hope so, anyway… because we really try to get some of that history into the book. I think it adds another layer. It makes the heroic stories more believable, which elevates the heroism.

Doesn’t that make you want to read Lone Ranger?  Alas, Ande Parks’ Lone Ranger run fails to do any of that for me, which is why I quit reading it in the teens.  I often wonder why Dynamite gave Parks’ a shot at writing Lone Ranger, especially considering the following Q&A:

NANCY COLLINS: How familiar were you with the Lone Ranger before coming on as writer for the series?

ANDE PARKS: To be honest, not very. I had seen the show some as a kid, but I definitely not what you would have called a big fan. The first time I wrote the characters was in the Death of Zorro mini-series, and I struggled to find their voices in that first issue.

Still struggling, dude.  I applaud your efforts, though.

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