Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Midnight Theater- Zorro Edition

When I was in college I picked up a suede Zorro mask at role playing game convention.  I took it back to my dorm room and hung it from the wall above my bed.  There isn’t much space in a dorm besides above your bed, so that’s just where it naturally landed.  My suite mates and friends would all come in look at it. 

“You wear that thing, don’t you?” they would ask.  “Nope, just sits there on the wall,” I’d say.

“Come on, you put that thing on and chase your girlfriend around with a whip, don’t you!”

“Really, you think this room is big enough to chase someone in?” I would reply.  In truth I never did wear that mask in that kind of way, something that I do regret now.  The Zorro look is hot, as clearly shown by the many erotic (or outright pornographic) Zorro films shown below.  Welcome to Midnight Theater, a look at the intersection of westerns and erotic film.  Stay tuned for more editions in the weeks to come.

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