Saturday, September 10, 2011

DC Comics' Missing Western Reboots

In an effort to resuscitate flagging sales by imitating a ten year old marketing gimmick from Marvel Comics, DC Comics has cancelled all of its long term, ongoing series and is restarting 52 of them, erasing decades of continuity and pissing off its remaining fans around the world.  For examples, Jonah Hex is being brought back as All-Star Western (suspiciously moved to Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum for the first issue).  One fun blog asks what happens to the remaining characters, and has a series of fun, fake covers for #1 comics that will never be.  Several westerns make the cut, including Bat Lash, the Justice Riders, and Weird Western Tales.  Check out the links as well as the pics.  There are some nice descriptions of the original comics and what might have been done with a fresh take.

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