Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All-Star Western Wraps Up Its Stay In Gotham

With issue #6 out, it looks like All-Star Western is finally leaving Gotham City.  It ends on an interesting twist, in which Jonah Hex emerges from a journey through a cave system below Gotham City to find stately Wayne Manor of Batman fame- Jonah Hex discovered the Batcave!  This cave system, by the way, was inhabited by child slavers, prehistoric barbarians, and giant flying bat gods.  Let me get this straight- the great grandparents of the world’s greatest detective (aka Batman) built a mansion on top of this crazy land of terror and never knew it?  I suspect there was an adoption somewhere along the lines, because intuition and deductive skills sure don’t run in that gene pool.

Next month All-Star Western picks up and moves to New Orleans to meet up with classic DC western heroes Nighthawk and Cinnamon.  Let’s hope Hex returns to form.

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