Friday, May 27, 2011

A Curmudgeon's Diary- The Western via Richard S. Wheeler

As I close on 4,000 hits so far, I really am not sure why anyone is reading this blog (aside from the occasional scantily clad cowgirl, that is).  I hope that what I write is of some interest to someone, and that perhaps readers are learning a little bit about the genre.  If you are looking for something truly insightful, though, you should read A Curmudgeon’s Diary, the blog of prolific Western author Richard S. Wheeler.  His thoughtful approach to the novel and the western is truly wonderful to read.

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  1. Richard Wheeler could very well be the best writer in the business and he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. The first of his books I read were the Sam Flint series, and I absolutely loved them. Thanks for this post.