Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cowboy Coffee

Have no doubt:  manly as they are, cowboys always need their coffee. 

“With Roberto Zavala at this side, Wallace crisscrossed the roads leading up from Old Mexico.  When their supplies ran low the two men trapped and lived off the land, eating antelope, wild turkey, and white tailed deer when the bacon and salt pork were gone.  Texas winter brought days of bright sunlight and mellow temperatures, interspersed with a week or two of freezing temperatures when a blue norther struck and lashed the desert hills with wind and rain and ice pellets that struck like buckshot.  But Wallace the kind of man born without an ounce of quit in him, so he endured.  And Roberto was not about to abandon him.”

However, with only enough coffee left for a couple of days and looking forward to their third evening meal of fried rattlesnake and boiled jicima root, the two men reached a mutual understanding and had just decided to start back for San Antonio when they spied a column of dust spiraling up against the hard blue sky.”

-From The Red Ripper by Kerry Newcomb

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