Sunday, May 29, 2011

Galaxy Rangers- Bionic Cowpoke

For a guy who likes nature, hiking, and the outdoors I sure do spend a lot of time with technology, and soon technology will be spending more time with me.  At the computer at work, at home, listening to audiobooks on an Ipod, and now with my recent health adventure I have become become a high-tech infused saddletramp, with a super charged cardiac system.  Beware, blogosphere, for the coming of Turbo Slap Bookleather.

All this has me remembering one of my favorite cartoons from my 1980’s childhood, The Galaxy Rangers.  Along with The Spiral Zone, this is one of the few cartoons that stood out to even my young brain as being better conceived and written than the typical cartoon.  A little research showed that one of the writers of the show was Mick Farren, a writer / musician / general troublemaker whose books The Song of Phaid the Gambler and DNA Cowboys seem to be perpetually on my “read some time this year” list. 

My mind went back to Galaxy Rangers recently when I noticed the similarity between the show and another favorite of mine, Mass Effect.  Both take place on far flung alien frontiers, with elite law enforcement powered by psychic implants taking down threats to the peace in the galaxy.  Heck, even the Mass Effect explorer armor has the same color scheme as the Galaxy Ranger uniforms.  I have yet to play through with a character named Goose, but that is because I am currently making my way through as a futuristic Rawhide Kid.

Mick Farren’s remembrances of making the series is cynical and fun, and can be seen here.  

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