Saturday, November 26, 2011

All Star Western #3- Hex Gone East

There is a line in All Star Western #3 where Hex walks through the streets of Gotham and says “Ah hate this city”.  You and me both, Hex.  Three issues in and there is still very little western about this series, despite its title and star character.  The main story is a 19th century urban crime story, that in this issue featured a drive by shooting with a Gatling gun on a horse drawn wagon.  A fraking drive by!  I am so disappointed.

The backup story, featuring Lazarus Lane (aka El Diablo) has been quite good.  The artwork is done by Jordi Bernet, one of my favorites among the rotating artists from the Jonah Hex series.  The bloody zombie tale has an interesting exchange between El Diablo and Black River, the white-but-Sioux-raised shaman who has raises the dead to attack a small frontier town:

Black River: “You call yourself an embodiment of vengeance?  You should be bringing vengeance upon those who stole the land and slaughtered millions of people!  Countless tribes wiped away in swaths of blood and you do nothing!”

El Diablo: “Slaughtering the innocent is not the path to retribution, Black River!”

Black River: “More than two hundred tribes have become extinct since Columbus came ashore!  Where is their retribution?”

Let’s hope the backup stories keep remain in the West, because Hex has certainly gone East.

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