Sunday, November 27, 2011

Search Engine Oddities

I am constantly amazed at what kind of searches take people to my blog.  My post of Frank Frazetta is consistently what draws people in, though I don’t think those readers are here for the westerns as much as to see more muscular men in loincloths throwing babes in chainmail bikinis over their shoulder (there, I’ve done it again, that phrase will make search engines go crazy).  I took at look at my stats today to see what search terms were drawing people to my site.

There are the normal ones, Frank Frazetta, Tala & Darkwatch, Storyville.  Then there is #6 on the list- “sexy and mysterious cawgirl”.  I’ve tried searching that in Google and can’t imagine how it got to my site.

If you are here looking for nekkid cowgirls, please take a minute and check out any of the other posts on this site.  Really, the ones tagged Randy Cowpoke you may really enjoy. 

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