Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jonah Hex Drifting West?

I just saw a preview of All-Star Western #7, and it looks like Hex will in fact be moving out west- or at least as far west as New Orleans.  He’ll also be taking Amadeaus Arkham with him.  This is starting to remind me of the Frank Castle / Microchip stories from the 90’s Punisher comics:

Jonah Hex tracks the kidnapper Thurston Moody to New Orleans in pursuit of his bounty. But he and Amadeus Arkham find New Orleans under attack by the August 7, a group of anti-immigrant, steampunk terrorists. Only the renowned Nighthawk and Cinnamon stand between the terrorists and the immigrant workforce of this city. Hex consents to put the bounty aside (for the moment) to help his friends and finds himself in a battle to the death!

Anti-immigrant steampunk terrorists?  Well, at least we’ll be getting vaguely closer to a western.

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  1. I found it interesting that this cover & #8 are basically the same thing.