Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quickshots- Reed Gunter Back to Form in Issue #7

Reed Gunter, the all ages cowboy comic from Shane & Chris Houghton, is back to being in my top three comic books.  The series started off with a bang, with a short, simple story of wandering cowboy, his grizzly bear buddy Sterling, and his gal pal Starla. The first couple of issues were action packed westerns, funny, and innocent enough to entertain both pre-teens and jaded Gen-Xers like me.   

The series quickly moved on to longer arcs, changed the setting to the East Coast, and got into supernatural conspiracy.  Not fun at all, and all too reminiscent of DC’s ridiculous decision to move Jonah Hex to Gotham City.  

Reed Gunter is now well back on track with issue #7, which features a one-shot story that starts off funny, turns scary, and comes to a heartwarming conclusion that will make you remember fondly ever cuddly pet you’ve ever known.  If you are a Western reader who is looking to get your kids into the genre, this is a great place to start.  Thanks, Shane & Chris, for bringing the western fun back to your great comic.

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